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DELMIAWorks is the appropriate solution for manufacturing companies looking for more efficiency and performance in production


Contact the DELMIAWorks team for more information


Industrial Augmented Reality deployed in less than 1 hour

A simple solution to digitize your production and maintenance procedures.
SPECTRAL guides your technicians step by step in their daily tasks thanks to Augmented Reality, at the service of your industrial performance.


Pop-up windows will appear in your field of vision and will guide you step by step to follow a procedure.

What do you need to be Augmented Reality ready?

Two simple and interconnected apps for a powerful Augmented Reality solution.
The SPECTRAL Augmented Reality solution allows you to easily digitize your procedures on a web platform (SPECTRAL Studio) and view your procedures (SPECTRAL View) through an Augmented Reality headset. It is like having a real assistant who guides you visually step by step, in carrying out your tasks while having your hands free. To use SPECTRAL in your manufacturing process, for trainings or maintenance you will need two things:

  • A SPECTRAL license (Studio + View)
  • An Augmented Reality headset (Microsoft HoloLens 2)

CPI assists you in setting up the solution


Connect your shopfloor and control your manufacturing processes

CPI helps you achieve two industrial objectives:


      Have a production tool that is Available

      Reduce unplanned production stops


      Have a good production Capability

      Produce better quality workpieces and repeatedly

      DataXpert has three modules:



      A Platform to create your business rules, use collected data, follow your manufacturing processes and prevent anomalies



      Visualize the data, create reports, visualize alerts and allow operators interactions



      Use the power of Machine Learning to predict the evolution of a process and Pattern Detection modules to monitor and recognize your process deviation curves

      How does it work

      1st step

      Data collection

            CPI can work side by side with you to connect the machines in your workshop:


      • By acquiring data generated by your machines (internal data) or by capturing external data via sensors (external data).
      • The sensors used to retrieve the data are manufactured by tier 1 companies (baluff, IFM, sick, Beckhoff, PepperlFuchs)
      • We define with you the data collection architecture (OPC, Industrial Protocol, Ethernet, MQTT, DB connection…)

      2nd step

      Data structure and storage

      • We structure the data that can be used either from our servers in Luxembourg or on premise in your local IT environment.

      3rd step

      Create business rules

      • You digitize your production methods by creating monitoring rules: you exploit your data to monitor manufacturing processes and improve maintenance on the machines.
      • Validate data quality by comparing with data saved in the past
      • OEE monitoring, process deviation, measurement of optimal production conditions, KPIs, etc.
      • Module: RULESXpert

      4th step

      Data visualization

      • Visualize your data on configurable dashboards, visualize trends, edit reports, operator interaction
      • Module: BIXpert

      5th step

      Transform your data into actions

      • Create rules that will automatically act on your process if a deviance is measured, or if it predicts a deviance that may occur.
      • Detect anomalies, configure alarms, receive notifications and set limits that you can access by emails, on dashboards or in the workshop.

      6th step

      Machine learning

      • Apply machine-learning rules to allow the system to predict the evolution of a process or to locate the root cause of a non-conformity
      • By detecting patterns and analyzing your production data, DataXpert identifies graphs and curves that are deviating and will warn you in case of a probable incoming failure
      • Module: AIXpert

      7th step

      Feedback loop from shop floor

      • Give operators access DataXpert so they can enrich the system with production feedback in the workshop (shutdown cause, enrichment of machine learning, OEE reliability, etc…). The artificial intelligence will be able to improve its models and be more accurate.